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Expert Testimony

Expert CASp Testimony

Jon Rose, CASp, CBO, ICC, RAS – Principal

California’s leading CASp Expert – Providing Expert Testimony in ADA litigation.

The right CASp expert can offer a powerful advantage while building a legal position and during ADA litigation. It is important to not select a professional expert witness who is shallow in practical experience but rich in rhetoric when it comes to technical access compliance cases.

 Providing useful and meaningful expert witness services in the field of access compliance requires an individual who understands the issues from a theoretical, practical, technical and legal perspective.

This is the mix of knowledge that CASp expert Jon Rose brings to the table, not out of strategically planning on being an expert witness one day but through a vast and expansive array of experiences that most professionals in the industry have not been in the position to obtain.

The unique combination of ADA Consultant, CASp Inspector, Builder, Building Official, Lecturer and ICC Committee Board Member has brought Jon to a place where he can explain the most complex topics of access compliance and break it down for any audience with true credibility.

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