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CASp Inspection

CASp Inspection and Other ADA Services We Provide




CASp Inspection 


Most of our clients are either facing the threat of an ADA lawsuit, or have already received an ADA lawsuit. ADA lawsuits most often settle out of court at an average of $25,000.00.                                                                                        


Expert CASp Inspection It’s always best to have a CASp inspection made on your property before a lawsuit, but if you’ve already received a lawsuit, we can still help by verifying the claims.  Often times claims are either false or technically wrong. Some of our clients’ cases have EVEN been dismissed or withdrawn altogether because the lawsuit claims were found to be not accurate after the CASp inspection.


A CASp Inspection is now an essential part of Commercial Leases. Recent California legislation (Assembly Bill 2093) requires commercial property owners to state on every lease or rental agreement executed after January 1, 2017, whether the property has had a CASp Inspection Report by a California Certified Access Specialist (CASp) for compliance with construction-related accessibility standards.




Expert CASp Testimony 


The ADA is a highly specialized federal law which requires Expert CASp Testimony in ADA-related cases. Jon Rose, Principal of CASp Experts, has served as an ADA expert in both state and federal courts.




Due Diligence


Buying commercial property? Our CASp Inspection Report will identify all non-compliant elements. Don’t buy someone’s problems and liabilities. ADA compliant properties enjoy a higher lease rate and longer leases! Having a CASp Inspection Report also provides critical price negotiation leverage.




Plan Review


We also provide blueprint access compliance Plan Reviews as it’s always best to catch design errors while they’re still on paper. We’ll verify design compliance with the ADA Standards, and for California properties, we include a review to comply with Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR). We provide our clients with Fast turn-arounds!




CASp Inspection Protections


Now that we know more about CASp and how it can help protect you, let’s examine what a CASp inspection involves.

A state certified CASp inspector visits your property and gathers information that’s used in the final report. The final CASp inspection report includes:


  • An overall property description, including whether or not the property has on-site parking and the type tenant spaces;
  • Descriptions of all access barriers;
  • Legal notices required by state law;
  • Color photos of the barriers identified;
  • Cost-effective correction recommendations for removal of barriers to access;
  • Specific details and diagrams added to illustrate access compliance as specified by the codes.



Commercial Property CASp Inspections
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Commercial Property CASp Inspections
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