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CASp Reports by CASp Experts

CASp Reports


Our CASp reports are based on critical ADA evaluations of your facilities and the CASp report recommendations are clear, concise and cost-effective, based on our many years of construction, design and construction management.




Your CASp Report will include:CASp Reports by CASp-experts.com


  • Findings – The CASp report findings describe those non-compliant items found which create barriers to access;
  • Recommendations – Using our vast experience, our CASp report provides the info needed to make cost-effective corrections;
  • Code Citations – Having the codes available allows you or your contractor to verify the specific code requirements, to provide proper compliance;
  • Details and Diagrams – Your CASp report will include details and diagrams to clearly show the specifics the code requires;
  • Sign Details – When signs are needed, we provide a picture of the exact sign to remove any guess work on your part. This assures the correct sign is used the first time, saving you valuable time and money.



Benefits of a CASp Report


We make obtaining a CASp Report for your business a straightforward process that provides the property or business owner with a wealth of valuable information. The best CASp Inspectors and ADA Attorneys will be those who spend the time to review your report with you and make sure you understand your responsibility and plan moving forward.

Not all CASp Reports are created equal.

Access compliance surveys have been around since the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).  Although having an CASp report is a useful tool for determining compliance and identifying the corrections needed to meet compliance, not all CASp reports are created equal. Even today, the same considerations need to be made when deciding on a CASp inspector who will perform and provide the CASp Report. This article will address a few of those considerations, and help you to make good decisions when considering a CASp inspection.


Don’t fall victim to the “Cheap Report” –  Our CASp report is Superior and not based on a simplified checklist.

Unlike our true CASp report, some other companies offer a simple checklist report that fails to provide detailed corrective recommendations specific to your project needs and also fails to prescribe useful information such as details and diagrams.

We provide True ADA CASp Inspection Reports for:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence – Know Before You Buy
  • ADA Barrier Removal
  • Construction Finals
  • Tenant Improvement Projects


Our inspection reports are structured to provide our clients with a description and graphic illustration of any issues that need to be corrected, combined with code descriptions, code references and illustrations of the code requirements.


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CASp Reports
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